What do we offer?

The main functionalities of VISiOR ® are simple.

We work with an in-house engineered modular architecture. You are not bound to a fixed setup, on the contrary, full customization to your specific needs is possible.

Multiple viewers

Invite multiple viewers or proctors by safe quick connect code.


Sharing large number of medical and external camera sources via the web.

External sources

Allowing external sources to be connected via QR code.


Composition mode with PiP’s.


Near zero latency, two way audio and video communication in superior quality.

Chat & annotations

Various chat and annotation possibilities.

screen sharing

Share your screen and be able to take screenshots during your sessions.


Record the session using Single or Multi-Track.

VISiOR ® as part of the mediAVentures Live Event Platform creates countless extra possibilities than you could ever imagine.


What makes us unique

30 years of endless efforts and investments have translated into an unparalleled experience in the field of medical audiovisual production and a total understanding of the ins and outs of the OR ecosystem.

This combined with our IT wizards, their knowledge of both hardware and the latest streaming and web technologies makes us experts in this field. Together we have over 300 years of experience, you can’t just ignore that.

We would love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about VISiOR ® and the Live Event Platform, the different business models and how we can increase your visibility, then do contact us!