The past few months have not been idle at mediAVentures remote OR. The user experience we have been able to build up over the past months thanks to the good cooperation with numerous KOLs has led to new innovations of which the integration of RealWear smartglasses is one. With Prof. Knol of the Oost-Limburg Hospital in Genk and Prof. Ruben De Groote of the OLV Hospital in Aalst, among others, we had the opportunity to test the limits of the RealWear Navigator during some very complex robotic procedures. For instance, Prof Knol performed a very complicated procedure with the Intuitive DaVinci XI robot where renowned colleagues from elsewhere in the world could follow and consult with Prof Knol in real time on the ideal placement of the trocars for these procedures. The RealWear navigator also provided the perfect solution for the final section, which was done completely transanally, to follow from the front row. Today, he gives his views on the use of VISiOR. Next week it will be Prof De Groote’s turn. For more info: –

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